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, maryland to pepco headquarters downtown. he said he came here for answers. his power still has not been restored and he said there are five other mains on his street without power, as well. no clear damage in the area. hear what the president has to say to him specifically to ease his concerns and promise that maybe the power will get back on. we will have that part of the story new at 6:00. >> that's the thing he wants most, the power back on. thank you. >>> some frightening moments for a construction worker in northeast dc. the 62-year-old man was operating a heavy piece of equipment to dig a trench when he fell in to a large hole on maryland avenue on captiol hill. it took firefighters about 20 minutes to free him. the worker was rushed to the hospital with serious but what we understand are not life- threatening injuries. >>> federal investigators have ruled the helicopter crash that killed four people last summer was an accident. the ntsb says visibility was poor because of fog when a chopper went down along interstate 70. witnesses say the helicopter burst in to flames after it to
and took a degree from the university of maryland college. some of the time he worked as a package sorter in land over hills where he may have had access to some customer information. court records paint another picture. he was caught in an alleged stolen gun selling ring in 2009 and authorities brought a cascade of charges, including armed robbery, carjacking, burglary, false imprisonment and weapons violations. we also learned today that some of the guns seized in that sting that uncorked this case back in july of 2009, some of those guns have been taken by prince george's county police for ballistics tests, presumably in the mother- daughter murders. we don't know the results of the tests. many of the charges i outlined for you, they have been dropped or were not prosecuted in many cases as prosecutors began to realize that this person was a person of interest in these murders, and they began to realign the prosecution strategy and still seeking indictments. those are not expected until next week. as for the serial killer aspect of it, we know there is one other case in bowie where the
'll keep us updated as you get information in. henry k with maryland transportation administration. thank you so much for that. >> of course, we'll be checking in on the story throughout the afternoon and the whole situation in silver springs, trying to make sure you could clear the wires. not just from the train tracks, but from the streets there. and of course, this is not the only issue this afternoon because power was knocked out again to thousands of area residence who just got their electricity back for the first time in days. >> the bad weather caused a part of the tree to come down in the 1900 block of 35th street in georgetown. and we're not out of the woods yet. a severe thunderstorm watch. it is still in effect. meteorologist, devon lucie in the weather center with the latest storm alert. >> reporter: yes, you know, eventually it was yesterday that you could have another possibility. unfortunately, more severe storms. that's what happens. this is a current look at live doppler 9,000. we still have a front that is well north. as we're still warm and popping out more sunshine, wi
, maryland, home invasion that may have come face-to-face with the possible serial kill sneer and an update on the virginia man killed while looking for a job in california. oakland police have released surveillance video of two people they believe may be responsible for the death of jing hong cath of fairfax. the video shows a man and woman near the murder scene minutes before the shooting. cath, a father of three, flew out west for a job interview with google. a $20,000 reward is being offered. >>> a disturbing discovery at a d.c. police impoundment lot. a body found inside the trunk of a car in southwest and police are calling this an unexplained death. they say the car had been towed by the department of public works from northwest d.c. on july 12th for a rush hour violation and transferred to the police lot on july 15th. police searched the car after a worker noticed a foul smell coming from the vehicle. >> i certainly am pretty confident that we typically would not damage the locks or pop the trunk or force open a car that is being impounded for a rush hour violation. depending on wha
. metro reports no damage or impact from the quake, and the maryland state highway administration and montgomery county department of transportation have no reports of any damage to the roadways. crews from maryland and the district are inspecting some of the areas older bridges this evening. they are checking to see whether there is any damage from the earthquake, and so far no reports of any problem. more thorough inspections are expected later on. >> many were caught off guard by the quake and while it may not happen often it is a good idea to be prepared because at we know you don't have to be on the west coast to feel a tremble. >> it is a good idea to have an emergency bag. in mine i have a battery operated radio, a flash light, first aid kit, some water and a lot of folks say bring some food to last a couple of days. >> stock up with canned goods and water. a fire extinguisher is a good idea. >> more advice from friends on the west coast is keep slippers or flip flops by your bed so you don't step onbreak broken glam talk to your children so they know what to expect and the
and kristen fisher tagged along with one crew in kensington, maryland. >> this is just one of the many crews from out of town working to restore power across the dc area. residents up and down this street say they are a welcomed sight after two days with no power. except for one very young resident. >> what has it been like these past few days without power? >> pretty fun, actually. i like that it's easier to scare my sister and brother because she'll die. >> ten-year-old jennifer is in no hurry to see crews remove this massive tree and restore power to his home. >> the wire yesterday and when the electricity went through, it was like fireworks. >> jonathan's dad is tired of being one of the 100,000 montgomery county residents still without power. >> did i miss my e-mail connections and the telephone. >> there's a solid chance that this family will be back online today, now that the cavalry arrived. 350 power crews from as far away as ohio rolled out of the montgomery county fair grounds early tuesday morning. they will be working around the clock until all of pepco's customers are ba
brown, 9 news now. >>> a 16-year-old girl from ellicott, maryland is among those. emily kerstetter was with a group. the group was scheduled to return to the u.s. today. >>> cindy sheehan's bench trial begins today in d.c. superior court. she was among 8 anti war protestors arrested on march 20th after laying coffins at a white house fence. her son was killed in iraq back in 2004. she gained national attention after staging a prolonged demonstration in 2005. outside president george's bush's ranch in texas. >>> it's been a day without water for more than a dozen homes in washington, d.c. a water brake between whittier and van buren is disrupting water service in the area. that break also caused the street to buckle. drivers are being detoured while repairs are being made. >>> and a d.c. fire boat was called to the scene of a brush fire near fletcher's shoreline near georgetown. the fire was contained to a small area. firefighters put the flames out quickly. no one was hurt. >>> we have a commuter aleft on 16th street in northwest d.c. the park service began work today to repair a 3
make their way to area beaches. the maryland transportation administration estimates that 470,000 vehicles will cross the bridge through monday. aaa mid-atlantic predicts over 817,000 residents will travel 50 miles or more over the holiday weekend. that's 130,000 more than last year. and 750,000 of those travelers will go by car. >> the weather that is heating up big time. just in time for the 4th. we go to the terrace with details of what we can expect. >> reporter: hope you've enjoyed the last few days with beautiful weather here. the temperatures as you said will start to heat up through this weekend. let's start off where we are. lower 80s. few upper 70s out there. looks like 81 our official reading at reagan national. warm up tomorrow. upper 80s near 90 degrees. at least it is staying dry. sunday, temperatures pick up into the middle 90s. the humidity will still be okay. once we go into this next week i know the observed holiday on monday a lot of us will be off. that's when the real humidity starts to come back. we could be flirting with triple digit heat not for one, tw
being blamed for three more deaths in the state of maryland. toxicology results found a person found dead in a car last month died from the heat and the deaths of two senior citizens last week also heat related. all of the victims had preexisting health conditions. >>> three children were hurt last night after an accident on an ocean city, roller coaster. this happened on the tidal wave. safety inspectors believe mechanical failure caused a fire on the double loop boomerang coaster. three children, ages 10 to 15 had to go to hospital. the injuries are not life- threatening. >> it was the most thrilling ride here. i love it but i don't think i want to go on it again. it is a little scary. i don't know. >> reporter: the amusement park is still open but the coaster is shut down for safety inspections. >>> 241 dc public schoolteachers were fired today due to poor performance and each of them got a sub standard appraisal under a new valuation system. their dismissals are effective july 31st. michelle rhee stayed in a statement -- today with the release of the first year as a results of im
. peggy, thank you. >>> a maryland straight trooper is out on bail tonight after being charged with possessing child pornography. 47-year-old bruce tucker was arrested on friday. he's been with the force for 13 years and worked on the state's executive protection unit which protects the governor and the lieutenant governor. tucker face as number of counts including possession and distribution of child pornography. >>> the heat and humidity are at it again. will storms pop up on the radar? topper is keeping an eye on things in the weather center. >> reporter: big storms northeast of us and big storms southwest of us. let's go right to live doppler 9000. the national weather service has issued a tornado warning now in effect primarily for baltimore city and southern baltimore county until 5:30. i think you folks in anne arundel county are all right. you folks up in caroll county are fine. we'll zoom on this storm. this is the one that's prompted the warning. if you are in ellicott city or locker or baltimore, you need to take cover immediately. the storm is moving southeast at ab
this year so far. six people in maryland have dieded from heat-related illnesses. that tops all of last year combined. there are four deaths in pennsylvania. three in virginia and one in dc. and from new england to the carolinas, people are looking for relief from the heat. in new york city, they have gone as far as to set up the water on the gulf station where people could find a place to stay hydrated. >> reporter: being called a hero this evening after saving the life of a 9-year-old boy. and the near drowning happened at the williamsburg townhouse community in germantown. armando trull reports on a day at the pool that almost turned tragic. >> reporter: that's right. in this germantown pool, quick thinking to avert a tragic. >> it's very terrifying. >> reporter: kelly wasn't ex%ing to save a 9-year-old -- expecting to save a 9-year-old boy's life. >> reporter: but that is exactly what the 18-year-old senior life guard did. >> i pulled him from the water. we did open his airways, tilted his head back and made sure he was okay. >> they acted very quickly as soon as they saw a situation hap
were moved out. maryland health officials say the operators of the home failed to report their broken air-conditioner. officials believe it stopped working sometime on saturday and an investigation is underway. >>> well the scorching heat took a toll on firefighters battling a roof fire at a private school in silver spring. flames shot through the roof of st. katherine's school in the 11,000 block of clair edge road in silver spring. the search is on for a cause. >>> and talk about a close call in silver spring. take a look at these pictures from sky 9. a steep hill was all that kept a metro bus plowing through the front door of a hop. this happened near colesville road and university boulevard in the four corners hair and that's where bruce leshan is standing by. what is the result on traffic as part of this, bruce? >> reporter: the traffic is better now than it was a few hours ago. [ lost audio ] they said no one was seriously hurt. [ sirens ] >> this could be just awful. >> what a sight to come home to. >> oh, my god, thank you you are okay. >> reporter: siday rushed home from work
report on this coming up at 6:00. >>> charges have been dropped against three university of maryland students arrested in the off-campus mala lay in march. the students were charged with disorderly conduct for their part in the post-duke game riot. thousands of kids poured in to the streets of college park. a total of 28 were arrested. the students, david markham, steven harvey and brandon johnson have been cleared. >>> a controversial decision in fairfax county after months of opposition, the school board voted to, in fact, close clifton elementary school at the end of next year. the county cited the $11 million cost it would take to renovate the smallest school building. people in clifton are upset because it is the town's only school. kids might be sent to surrounding schools or the board could choose to build a new building nearby. >>> the cost of traveling overseas is about to get higher. passport fees are going up $110 for adults. that's a $35 increase. the minors under age 16 passports will cost $85, a $20 hike. and fees will also increase for visas. >>> when it comes to cell
night at greenwood creek in queenstown, maryland. investigators say 46-year-old albert and his passenger were thrown into the water when their boat capsized. the passenger made it to shore, but cantello disappeared. >> there's a drought. investigators say 64-year-old andrea hernandez was camping with her family at the time. her body was found in the river just north of watermelon park. >>> in a 9news now update, a woman has been charged with animal cruelty after her yellow lab died in an overheated car while she shopped. frederick county police say katherine washington left her dog inside a parked car outside of costco two weeks ago. the temperature outside at the time was 104 degrees. tonight, loudoun county police are warning residents in ashburn, lock your garages. investigators say vandals spray painted the vehicle inside a garage. the second case happened on mcglashan terrace. they also emptied cleaning products inside that vehicle. >>> it's only july, but the debate over holiday displays on the grounds of the loudoun county courthouse has come back. the issue will be discussed in
after pakistani officials said a handful of people survived. >>> residents of frederick, maryland, are being asked to conserve water. the mayor is calling for voluntary water restrictions. he said this summer's extreme heat is causing lower water levels. the mayor says residents must conserve now to avoid drastic consequences later. >>> tens of thousands witnessed the event. the ponies are auctioned to raise money for the town's volunteer fire company, which cares for the animals. ponies not sold roam for another year. >>> teaching college students the dangers of campus binge drinking before it's too late. >> i'm already starting to bead with sweat with the heat and humidity. 90 air temperature. heat index making it feel mid to upper 90s. we need to talk about heat and humidity with a possible strong thunderstorms tomorrow. i'll have this in our complete forecast next. >>> 30 to 40 structures burned to the ground in california. i'm sandra hughes and i'll have that story coming up. >>> firefighters are struggling to contain a pair of wild fires in southern california. in the small
't the only ones cleaning up from sunday's severe storms. this is what it looked like in sparks, maryland. that is ten miles north of baltimore. trees fell on homes causing damage and bringing down power lines. the storms knocked out power to thousands of customers. further north, storms caused damage in the philadelphia area. this is the hadn'tfield, new jersey area. the high winds brought down power lines and trees there and that caused damage to neighborhood roads. in the bronx, the storm uprooted this tree and crushed three cars and pushed the sidewalk up like a wall. it flooded the hudson parkway and brought traffic to a full stop in many places. >> what was amazing to me yesterday is how fast it moved in and out. it was so quick. >> i was trying to get in here as fast as possible. i want i wanted to warn people. i look at radar and the storms were moving 55 to 60 miles an hour. they are here in a heart beat. it is thankful we can say one thing out of this it is a sunday that the storms came through. we could have seen worse. 33 on a normal day a lot more cars on the road. one good t
more harm than good. i'm joel brown in gaithersburg, maryland, the story coming up. >>> a panel of physicians is looking into whether or not a block buster diabetes drug can cause heart problems. the makers of avandia insists this is safe. joe brown joins us live where the fda is hold ago two-day hearing on the future. joel. >> this is a debate that is raged on for over three years. whether or not avandia is safe enough to be on store shelves. today, the popular diabetes drug effectively went on trial. >> people who take the drug, avandia could be more likely to have a heart attack. that's the conclusion of several studies. now the food and drug administration is looking at stopping the sale of the diabetes drug. top executives use the scientific name for avandia to say the drug is safe. >> often used properly, it has a benefit risk profile and should remain a treatment option for patients with type 2 diabetes. >> dr. steven nissan argues the company is wrong. >> i'm really hoping we can get the drug off the market. >> he's a researcher who analyzed studies between heart p
. it's illegal in maryland to carry concealed weapons and transport loaded handguns. >>> a man is under arrest for a deadly shooting in wheaton. police found the 27-year-old victim this morning at 1:00 after responding to shorts fired near wheaton high school. a short time later a man walked into a nearby police station and surrendered. >> the victim and a 22-year-old acquaintance came to this residence for reasons still under investigation. there was a confrontation outside of the home in the front yard. during the assault, the victim was wounded and died of his injuries on the scene. >> police have not released the victim's identity. >>> from columbine to virginia tech, gun control advocates have struggled for years to disclose the gun show loophole. it allows people to go to a gun show and sell assault weapons and semi-automatic handguns without doing any kind of background check on the people buying. today on capitol hill the first hearing on a bill supporters say would help keep guns out of the hands of felons and terrorist and the dangerously mentally ill. bruce leshan reports tha
to maryland's governor race. republican bob early introduced his new running mate, mary cain. cain is a former president secretary of state. she's 48 years old. living in the potomac. they will run against o'malley tomorrow. >>> america's borders are just too vast for the immigration problem to be solved with the border patrols alone. >> while this work is not easy, the changes we seek will not happen overnight. we have made clear that thisadministration will not just kick mccain down the road. >> calling on them to support a solution that holds everyone probable. >>> just a great day. temperatures right now, 80 downtown. 81 in manassas, 81 in leesburg, and 81 in fredericksburg. getting up to martinsburg, 78. only 73 in cumberland. obvious you go over the divide and only 63 for our friends in oakland. now tonight, clear skies, cool again, rusty ac. low temperatures, 54 to about 54. winds are northwest at 10. and in fact tonight, inside the beltway, we're talking low to mid-60s. that's plenty comfortable to open the windows. then in the burbs, we're talking about 50s. out to the west, plenty of
unusual rescue that resulted in one dog gone lucky patient. >>> maryland state police are investigating a bizarre accident that killed a construction worker this morning in forestville. this one happened overnight on pennsylvania avenue right near the beltway. investigators say 27-year-old william davis of briantown was working on a paving operation when somehow he became wedged between two dump trucks and pronounced dead an hour later. >>> and prince george's firefighter paramedics came to the rescue. but this was a most unusual call for the first responders involved. scoot broom talked with them to find out why. >> reporter: at the land over hills firehouse they are ready for anything. >> it was very unusual. >> reporter: janice francis called on friday to come to this house where a victim appeared to be bleeding to death after a malling by two pit bulls. a very unique victim. that's because the victim was pleuch, yes people paramedics called to help a dying dog. >> the patient couldn't talk but working with a dog is like bandaging a person up. >> it was nice. like a real person. >> r
's very nice. >> they didn't get a chance to do that. and they did it from maryland. it's spectacular. >> nicely framed. >> hopefully not right there now. >> they did get caught up in the heat. the water advisory. >> yeah, that's right. >> they are looking really good. if you want to see something, just go to our website on click on weather and follow the dropdown menu and that's it every day. please include your name and your town. >> that's fine. >> looking to escape the heat. we'll tell you about great airfare deals. >> and coming up new at 6:00. the air-conditioning inside this apartment is just not working properly. and that's putting her life in danger. i'm lindsey mastis in montgomery village. that story is coming up. it's the little things in life that make me smile -- spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum, and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically pro
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21